Carton sealing labeling machine

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Brief Introduction:Applicable objects: skin care products, cosmetics, liquid packaging materials paper
Type box for the packaging industry chemical industry, daily chemical, food, medicine
Move the level automatic Angle sealing labeling machine
Labeling: rectangular plane labeling, corner surface labeling, three sides labeling, near surface labeling
Application: food packaging label, electrical box label, pill boxes labeling, anti-counterfeiting labeling, bottles of 90 degrees of corner labeling, etc
Characteristic:◆The whole machine adopts mature technology of PLC control system, make the machine running stable, high speed◆Operating system adopts touch screen control, the operation is simple, practical, high efficiency Jacking device to ensure that the label box body stability, greatly improve the labeling accuracy, particularly true for light box ◆Applicable scope is big, can complete the whole process of four types of sealing label form (on the surface of the sealing label, the surface of the sealing label, two diagonal sealing label)
technical parameters:
The following technical parameters of model machine, other special requirement and function, can be    customized.
voltage specificationAC220V 50/60 hz single-phase
Dimensions1800L)×800W)×1270H) mm
Labeling Speed30-200/ 30-200 boxes per minute
 Pastes the sign precision±1 mm9except the post and the error of the label itself)
Brush BiaoYong gas source5 kg/cm2
Applicable scope of container
Length of 20-100 - mm, 30-200 - mm height
Applicable scope of label
15-90 - mm length, height of 15-90 - mm