Single standard multi-face labeling machine

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◆Applicable industries: food, health care, cosmetics, electronics, plastics, toys, hardware, auto parts, stationery and other industries◆Adaptation range: can stick the bottle of single-sided, double-sided, on three sides, round, flat bottles of single-sided double-sided (such as health care products, shampoo, shower gel, cooking oil, lubricating oil, washing agent, ophthalmic water bottles, etc.) can also increase the round bottle label on the equipment requirements.◆General scope is wide, the labeling can be adjusted within the prescribed limits, one machine can be general three bottle shape (round, flat, square labeling)◆Function: improve the efficiency of product labeling, sticker attached, attached with a location accurate, good quality, high stability; Avoid artificial label, sticker inefficient, attached with a skew, foaming and fold, attached with a series of problems such as irregular; Effectively reduce the product cost and improve the product identification and beautiful degree, improve product competitivenessCharacteristic:◆The whole machine adopts mature technology of PLC control system, make the machine running stable, high speed. Attached with a location accurate, good quality, high stability, convenient operation, easy to adjust part, simple;◆Operating system adopts touch screen control, the operation is simple, practical, high efficiency◆Upgrade to 3 d Angle adjustment of station design, can the conical bottle labeling◆Powerful, a machine which can realize four product labeling (square bottle, round bottle, flat bottle, special-shaped bottle)◆Using the flexible coping mechanism and steering mechanism, mechanical adjusting part of the clever design of the structural composition and tags winding, labeling position 6 dof fine-tuning convenient (adjusted fixed), make the adjustment of the conversion between different products and the label winding becomes simple and save time◆Have any labeling, without the automatic correction and automatic detection function◆Equipment main material is made of stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, and the overall structure and firm, the beauty is generous◆Perfect equipment form a complete set of data (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, the explanatory data, such as the upgrade), to the equipment normal operation to provide sufficient protection;◆Have the function of fault alarm, production count function, power saving function (set period of time without a label, the device automatically to save electricity standby), set number production function, the parameter Settings protection function (parameter setting rights management)◆Optional functions: (1) heat code/printing function (2) the function of automatic feeding (consider) combined with product (3) for automatic/automatic bottle function (consider) combined with product (4) increase the labeling device (5) other functions () according to the requirements of client.◆Core principle: sensors detect the product after, back to the signal to the labeling control system, in the appropriate position control system to control the motor sent out labels and attached with a stay in product labeling position, product flows through the device, tags are roll cladding, a label attached ◆Operation: put a product - > product delivery (device automatically) - > labeling (device automatically) - > collection has labeling products.◆Can wires can be stand-alone operation ◆Degree of automation Fully automatic◆Driving mode: stepper or servo system (standard machine stepper system)◆General scope is wide, can be adjusted according to the product within the specified scope◆Operation direction: right into the left out or left to right (according to customers need to order)
technical parameters
The following technical parameters of model machine, other special requirement and function, can be customized.
Pastes the sign precisionPlus or minus 1 mm (do not include products, labels, error)
Labeling Speed30-150 / min (related to the product size
Applicable product size0width200mm length40mm
Tag size
length125mm width10-150mm
labelling requirementVolume label, label paper roll diameter 76 mm diameter 280 mm clearance 3-5 mm;
electric power220V50/60Hz, 2.0KW