NFLTB-120 automatic vertical self-adhesive labeling machine

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Brief Introduction:
It is intended mainly for sticking label outside the side face of round or quadrate bottles.The machine words stably and reliably, which leadsto smooth labels, clearly printed dates and batch numbers(the printer allows three rows of characters).This machine is provided with a multiple control system, which assures automatic stop at the lacking or breaking of labels as well as at the lacking of bottles. This product conforms to the specifications of GMP absolutely. Which is widely used in pharmaceutical, foods and chemical industriesCharacteristic:   ◆Labeling exact and high precision   ◆No bottle no labeling, It can monitor and correct automatically if there will be no labelThis Machine can be used not only◆single but also joining in automatic packing line. technical specification:
Productivity0- 150/  0- 150 bottles/min
Bottle Diameterф20-ф100mm
Labeling Precision≤±1mm
Label Length20-200mm
Label Width10-100mm
Power Supply0.5kw