Labeling Machine

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Use and introduction:This machine is mainly used for surface labeling of various round or square bottles. The labeling process is stable and reliable, and the self-adhesive label attached to the side of the bottle can be flattened, and the production date is clearly marked. The production batch number is Hot code printing, three lines of words). The structure of the machine is simple and simple, and has a multi-channel control system. When the bottle is missing, the control system will not send the standard paper, which effectively prevents the waste of the standard paper. And there are protection functions such as automatic shutdown without label or broken label. The products are fully compliant with GMP requirements and are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.Features:With standard standards and high precisionNo object is not labeled, no standard automatic correction, automatic detectionThe machine can be used either stand-alone or automatically connected to other installations.Technical Parameters:Production capacity 0-150 bottles / minApplicable specifications ф20-ф100mmLabeling accuracy ≤±1mmLabel length 20-200mmLabel width 10-100mmPower 0.5kwPower supply 220V/50HzMachine weight 250kgDimensions 2000*650*150