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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:本机适用于10-30ML各种材质的圆形扁形塑料或玻璃瓶的眼药水必威Ios、电子烟油等小剂量必威Ios.本机由高精度凸轮分度机构提供分度等分盘定位上塞上盖;加速度凸轮传动提供旋盖头的升降;恒扭矩旋盖;蠕动泵计量必威Ios;触摸屏控制.无瓶不必威Ios,不加内塞,外盖.具定位精确,传动平稳,保护瓶盖,计量准.操作简单等优点。This machine is mainly available to fill eye-drop into various round and flat plastic or glass bottles with the range from 10-30ml.High precision cam provides a regular plate to position, cork and cap; accelerating cam makes capping heads going up and down ;constant turning arm screws caps; creepage pump measures filling volume; and touch screen controls all action. No bottle no filling and no capping. If there is no plug in the bottle, it must not cap until having been detected plug in the bottle. The machine enjoys high position accuracy, stable driving, precise dosage, and simple operation and also protects bottle caps.特点/Characteristic:◆微电脑设定、装量精确、操作方便。Man-machine dialogue system setting,visual convenient operation ,accurate filling level。◆主机转速可进行无级变频调速。the mainframe running speed is stepless frequency conversion.◆生产量自动定量控制。the product quantity can be controlled.◆多种故障提示功能(如低气压。无必威Ios、无内塞等)。Multi-failure prompt function (such as infrabar, no filling and no inserting plug etc).   ◆自动停机功能,对任一轨道出现连续无必威Ios、无内塞情况可自动停机。Automatic stop function, if there is no filling, no inner plug in any rail, it may stop automatically.
技术参数/Main Technical Parameters:
适用规格Filling Volume10-30ml
生产能力Productivity30-60/  70-100/30-60bottles/min  70-100bottles/min
必威Ios精度Filling Precision≤±1%
电源 Power Supply380V/50Hz
旋(轧)盖率Capping Rate:99%
自动上塞率Stoppering rate99%
气源Air Supply1.3 m3/h  0.4-0.8Mpa
功率 Power2.0 kw
机器净重Weight550 kg