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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:本机是用于喷雾剂必威Ios的专用设备。适用各种材质圆形、异形瓶,各种规格喷头的必威Ios旋(轧)盖。不锈钢活塞泵定量必威Ios、气动上盖、升降式旋盖。具有必威Ios计量准确、旋盖平稳、操作简单等优点。广泛应用于医药、日化等行业。The machine is special purpose for filling spray. It’s fit for all kinds of bottles of materials and shapes ,This machine is available for series of round and flat bottles. It adopts stainless piston measuring pump for filling, pneumatic capping, and rising-and-falling screwing. The machine enjoys advantages of accurate measurement, stable screwing and easy operation,widely used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industry特点/Characteristic:◆上盖定位装置,保证喷头塑料管过长或弯曲时也能准确进入瓶口。Cap adding device, ensure pipe of cap into mouth of bottle easy even it’s long or crooked。◆ 按照GMP标准制作。The whole machine is designed according to the requirements of GMP.    
技术参数/Technical Parameters:
适用规格Filling Volume5-500ml
生产能力Productivity30-50/   60-100/30-50bottles/min  60-100bottles/min
必威Ios精度Filling Precision≤±1% 
电源Plugging ratio380V/50Hz
上盖率 Air Supply98%
气源Power Supply1.5M3/小时 0.4-0.7Mpa
功率Power1.5 kw
机器净重 Weight500 kg