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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:该机采用特殊三通必威Ios阀,适用于水剂和膏霜类产品的必威Ios,特别对高粘度物料(如浓酱、辣椒酱、番茄酱、种衣剂、微乳剂、悬浮剂等)的效果比较明显,且精度高。该机采用PLC可编程控制,配以6英寸触摸屏人机界面系统,实行自动进瓶,自动必威Ios,自动出瓶,确保了出色的质量和持久稳定的性能。本设备结构简单,操作方便,是国内理想的针对高粘度物料的必威Ios设备。该机配备了防止滴漏与拉丝的必威Ios闷头,确保必威Ios完毕后无滴漏,无拉丝。Filling valve, the machine USES special tee is suitable for the filling agent and cream products, especially for high viscosity material (such as thick sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, indicated, micro emulsion, suspending agent, etc.) of the effect is obvious, and high precision. The machine USES PLC programmable control, with 6 inch touch screen man-machine interface system, implements the automatic into the bottle, automatic filling, automatic bottle, electric, pneumatic components adopt international brand, to ensure that the performance of the outstanding quality and lasting stability. This equipment has simple structure, convenient operation, is the ideal filling equipment for high viscosity material. The machine is equipped with prevent drip with wire filling cocks, ensure filling after the completion of a drip-tight, no drawing.特点/Characteristic:◆控制系统——采用三菱PLC控制系统,必威Ios剂量随机微调。Control system adopt mitsubishi PLC control system, filling dose random tweaks◆操作界面——6英寸彩屏手触式操作界面,直观简单、安全可靠Interface - 6 inches color hand touch interface operation, intuitive and simple, safe and reliable◆功能改进——下料有防滴漏装置,可根据物料特性具备下潜必威Ios功能。(此功能可以选用)Improvements - blanking drip tight device, according to the material properties have diving filling function. (this function can be chosen)◆机械部件——机器部件均采用优质304不锈钢制作,如有需要接触物料可以采用316L另计费用。Mechanical parts, machine parts are made of high quality 304 stainless steel material can be used if necessary contact 316 l in extra costs.◆计数检测——实时计数,对工作产量直观反映。Counting test, real-time, intuitive reflect the yield of work.◆必威Ios检测——无瓶不灌、瓶数不够不灌Bottle filling test - no bottle no filling, not enough◆维护情况——本机符合GMP要求,可轻松拆卸、清洗维护。Maintenance - the machine is in line with the GMP requirements, easy disassembly, cleaning maintenance.◆调换规格——更换必威Ios规格时,只需要简单调整,轻松搞定。Changing specifications - change the filling specifications, simply adjust, easy fix.◆环保配置——配置了环保框架,使机器的操作环境更加清洁卫生。(此环保配置可以选配)Environmental protection configuration, configuration framework of environmental protection, make the operation of the machine environment more clean sanitation. (the environmental protection configuration can be selected)
技术参数/technical parameters:
必威Ios头数The number of filling head8头(可选4681012个必威Ios头)8 head (optional 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 filling head)
适用瓶径 Applicable bottles DriveФ33-Ф100 mm
计量精度measure precision±1%
罐装容量Canned capacity150-1000ml
生产能力Production Capacity2400-4000/小时2400-4000 bottles per hour
气源压力bleed pressure0.7-0.9mpa
    Power Supply380 /50 HZ
总 功 率The total power0.5 kw
外形尺寸 boundary dimension6000×850×1800 mm