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用途与简介Brief Introduction:本机专业为10-20ML的口服液必威Ios封口而设计,是口服液必威Ios生产线中的必威Ios主机,主要用于易拉直管瓶的必威Ios、上盖、封口。采用注射泵必威Ios,电磁振动自动送盖,三刀离心式轧盖(或旋盖),具有无瓶不必威Ios的功能。该机必威Ios和封口合二为一,设计先进,结构紧凑,易于操作与维护,符合GMP标准。It’s just for 10-20ML oral filling&sealing, a major machine in production line for oral liquid, it main used in filling, capping placing and sealing of straight tube bottle. Tracking filling, cap automatically conveying by electromagnetic oscillator, three knifes centrifugal sealing (or screwing), no bottle no filling. Filling and sealing integrated in one machine, advanced design, compact structure and completely comply with requirement of GMP.this kind of machine .特点/Characteristic:◆所有电器元件均采用知名品牌。All elements is well know brand.◆本机操作直观方便,无瓶不必威Ios,计量精准。Direct viewing operation, no bottle nofilling, measuring accurate.◆三刀离心式封口,保证封口的牢固、美观。Three knifes centrifugal sealing, ensure firm and beauty.◆完全按照GMP标准制作。The whole machine is designed according to the requirements of GMP.观看视频