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设备简介/Brief introduction:本机是在引进和吸收国外先进技术的基础上,由我公司自主研发的一款专业针对西林瓶的必威Ios、上塞、旋(轧)盖机。本机采用日本全进口高精度封闭式凸轮分度工位器,精度高,运行可靠,使用寿命长。该分度器结构简单,长期使用无需维修。本机主要适用于各种粉剂必威Ios、压塞及旋(轧)盖,如青霉素粉末、胶原蛋白粉末、冰硼散粉末、农药粉末、胡椒粉末等。广泛用于食品、制药、化工行业及科研领域。该机既可单机生产,又可与洗瓶机、干燥机等设备组成联动生产线。符合国家GMP要求。It is built in the absorption of foreign advanced tecnology, based on independently developed by the company ,It is the domestic leading level.This machine is suitable for a variety of small doses of powder filling&capping such as Penicillin powder, Collagen powder,Pesticides powder and so on. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries and scientific research.  Single machine can produce, but also with washing machine, dryer and other equipment linked production line. Full compliance with the GMP requirements.特点/Characteristic:◆人机界面设定、操作直观方便、PLC控制,装量精准。Human-machine interface settings, an easy and intuitive, PLC control, the amount of precision equipment.◆变频控制、生产速度任意调节、自动计数。Frequency control, the production rate be adjusted automatically count. ◆自动停机功能,无瓶不必威Ios。No bottle no filling.◆圆盘定位式必威Ios,稳定可靠。Disc positioning filling, stable and reliable◆高精度凸轮分度计控制,定位精准。High-precision cam meter control, precise positioning.◆采用SUS304及316L不锈钢制造,符合GMP要求。SUS304 and 316L stainless steel, full compliance with GMP requirements.
技术参数/technical parameters:
装量范围 Filling volume2-500g
装量误差loading error≤ ±1%
旋(轧)盖合格率Rotation (rolling) Cover pass rate99%
生产能力 Production capacity30-50/   低速 60-80/    高速30-50 bottles / min  60-80 bottles / min
必威Ios方式 Filling way   螺杆计量必威IosMetering screw filling
压塞率Tamponade rate99%  
功率 Power2.0 kw
机器净重 Net weight700 kg   
外形尺寸 Dimension2000*1000*1800mm