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用途与简介/Purpose and description:KFGFJ-300型高速螺杆分装机是我公司新开发研制的产品。适用于直径φ18~φ32mm、高度40~73mm的管制或模制西林瓶结晶粉、喷干粉、冻干粉的定量分装。可将无菌的粉剂药品定量分装在经过灭菌干燥的抗生素瓶内,并盖紧胶塞加以密封。此设备是制药厂生产无菌粉末粉针制剂的主要设备之一。KFGFJ - 300 type high speed screw racking machine is our company newly developed product. Suitable for 18 ~ phi phi 32 mm diameter, height of 40 ~ 73 mm controls or molded schering bottles crystalline powder, powder spraying, producing quantitative packaging. Sterile powder drug quantitative packing can be in the sterilization of dry inside the bottle of antibiotics, and cover tightly stopper to seal it. This equipment is the pharmaceutical factory one of the main equipment of producing asepsis powder booster injection preparation.特点/characteristic◆ 该分装机为间歇螺杆粉末无菌分装设备,整机采用全伺服电机驱动,PLC可编程控制,触摸屏人In pieces the packer for intermittent screw powder aseptic packaging equipment, the whole machine adopts full servo motor drive, PLC programmable control, touch screen◆ 采用扇形拨盘将进出瓶连续运动和分装间歇运动衔接起来,速度快、运行稳定;Mixer adopts a continuous movement of the fan will dial in and out of the bottle and repackaging intermittent movement link up, high speed, stable operation;◆ 直接将无菌药粉一次分装到西林瓶内,无二次污染;In pieces to a repackaging sterile powder directly to schering bottles, no secondary pollution;◆ 配备多种光电传感器保护装置,具备无瓶停机、无塞停机、无瓶止塞、自动取样等功能Equipped with a variety of photoelectric sensor protection device, with no downtime, no downtime, no bottle check, automatic sampling, etc;◆ 可以配备在线充氮气、在线模拟必威Ios装置;Pieces can be equipped with online fill nitrogen filling, online simulation device;◆ 采用RABS保护,防护围挡打开停机,可以配备微生物、尘埃粒子、风速在线监测装置。胶塞、原料药采用无菌对接转移。Mixer adopts RABS protection, protective WeiDang open downtime, microbial, dust particles, wind speed can be equipped with online monitoring device. Rubber plug, the sterile docking transfer API.
技术参数/technical parameters
生产能力(/分钟)Production capacity (bottle/min)300
装量范围()The load range (g)0.14.0
适用规格(毫升)Applicable specifications (ml)结晶粉、喷干粉、冻干粉
挂盖率Hang cover rate(%)99.0
电源Power三相五线 380V 50Hz 总功率 3.5KW
总功率total power(kw)3.5
整机尺寸Overall Dimensions(L × W × H)(mm)2200 × 2400 × 2350
整机重量Total weight(kg)1500