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用途与简介Purpose and introduction:全自动铝管必威Ios封尾机广泛地被牙膏、药品等行业所采用,适用于各类铝管、铝塑管、软管灌封各种膏霜、乳液类、油剂等。设备采用十二位设计,自动上管、对色标、必威Ios、折叠封尾、压齿纹、出管。可选配管箱,密封料斗,加温料斗,自动加料,护罩等装置。本设备完全符合新版GMP要求。Automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine widely toothpaste, pharmaceutical and other industries, applicable to all kinds of aluminum tube, aluminum tube, soft tube filling sealing all kinds of cream, emulsion, oil etc. Equipment use twelve design, automatic tube, the color code, filling, sealing, pressure ridges, folded out of the tube. Optional tube box, sealed hopper, hopper heating, automatic feeding, shield device, etc. This equipment is in full compliance with the new GMP requirements.特点/characteristic :◆可完成铝管等金属管的两折边、三折边马鞍型折边等不同的折边形式Can complete aluminum pipe and other metal of twenty percent, thirty percent, while the saddle type flanging, and other forms of different frilled edge◆具备无管不必威Ios的功能Have no tube no filling of the function◆具备故障报警、机械过载自动停机装置A fault alarm, mechanical overload automatic stop device◆实现生产量自动定量控制Quantitative control to realize automatic production
技术参数/technic parameter:
适用规格Cutting dimension5-400ml
生产能力production capacity30-40 /   30 -40 per minute
可封管径Tube DiametersФ12.7-ф25mm
电源power supply220V/50Hz
功率power1 kw
必威Ios精度Filling accuracy≤±1.5
气源gas sources 18 m3/h 0.6-0.8Mpa
机器净重machine net weight500 kg
外形尺寸boundary dimension1200*700*1600mm