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用途与简介/Purpose and description:回转式洗瓶机系采用翻转式连续跟踪喷冲的方式,其进瓶、翻转,出瓶过程全自动化,适用于玻璃瓶、聚脂瓶、塑料瓶。根据用户需要,可选择水冲洗、消毒、无菌水冲洗或选择冲温水、热水、喷压缩空气,使其同时具有冲洗和杀菌功能,将瓶中残留水减至极少。适合对瓶要进行消毒的冲洗,如调味品、饮料瓶,对酒水类瓶的冲洗效果更佳。Rotary bottle washer in a tilting of continuous tracking spray blunt way, turn it into the bottle, and a bottle of fully automated process, suitable for glass bottle, polyester bottle, plastic bottle. According to user needs, can choose water washing, disinfection, sterile water flushing or choose warm water, hot water, compressed air spraying, make its have washing and sterilization function, at the same time reduced the residual water in the bottle to the very few. Is most suited to disinfect the bottle to rinse, such as spices, beverage bottle, in wine bottle washing effect is better.
技术参数technical parameters:
生产能力production capacity100-200 瓶/分D100-200 bottles/min
冲瓶供水压力Blunt bottle supply pressure0.20.6Mpa
适用瓶型Suitable bottle type玻璃瓶、塑料瓶Glass bottles, plastic bottles
瓶径BottleneckØ 40Ø90mm
瓶高 Bottle height140330mm
冲瓶夹头Blunt bottle clamp36/6036/60 head