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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:本机主要适用于对2-1000ml各种材质的圆形瓶或者有肩托异形瓶进行瓶内外清洗,由两水一气(自来水,离子水,无油压缩空气)交替冲洗.使瓶子达到生产工艺要求 ,并可对瓶子初步吹干.根据生产要求可选配超声波装置,本机设计合理,运行稳定可靠,易于操作与维护,符合GMP要求。It is suitable for 2-1000ml, all kinds of materials or irregular bottles which have bolders wash the bottle inside and outside alternately by water, lutetium water and air to achieve the production request and it can below initial. According to your production requirement, you can add the ultrasonic system,meet the GMP requirements.特点/Characteristic:◆结构独特紧凑,清洗工艺合理 Structure is compact and special, the washing crafis is rational◆洗后瓶子洁净度高。 水消耗量少The clean class of the bottle after washing is high. Dosage of the water is less.◆操作简单,维修方便Simple operation, convenient maintainence.
技术参数/ Main Technical Parameters:
适用规格Bottle Range2-1000ml
气源Air Supply15m3/h0.4-0.8Mpa
电源 Power Supply220V/50Hz
耗水量Water Wastage0.6-1 t/h
机器重量Weight400 kg