NFJLXP-10型 直线式绞笼洗瓶机

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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:绞笼式洗瓶机专业为各种小的玻璃瓶及塑料瓶设计,如西林瓶,精油瓶等,能自动完成理瓶、粗洗、精洗及出瓶等程序,通过对瓶子进行90度翻转,可完成瓶子的内外清洗及初步吹干,可以选配超声波,本机结构简单,设计合理,易于操作与维护,符合GMP要求。 It is suitable for all kinds of small bottles which have holders wash the bottle inside and outside alternately by water, lutetium water and air to achieve the production request and it can below initial. According to your production requirement, you can add the ultrasonic system,meet the GMP requirements.特点Characteristic:◆进出瓶连续,效率高;In and out of the bottle of continuous, high efficiency◆瓶子翻转采用轨道式,无碎瓶;Bottle flip the track type, no broken bottles◆超声波粗洗,高压纯化水及净化压缩空气交替清洗,清洁度高;Ultrasonic rough washing, high pressure purification purified water and compressed air cleaning, alternately high cleanliness;◆进出瓶配有安全防护装置,防止因后道工序积瓶而导致碎瓶;In and out of the bottle is equipped with safety protection device, prevent the ground caused by the process after the product bottle bottle;◆规格更换简便;Specification change is simple◆全不锈钢结构,产量高,噪声小,维护简便,运行可靠。All stainless steel structure, high output, low noise, convenient maintenance, reliable running.
技术参数Main Technical Parameters:
速度Output0 ~ 400bottles/min(视容器规格而定)(depending on the container size
耗气量Air Supply5 ~ 10 m³h 0.4-0.8Mpa
电源Power Supply220V/50Hz
耗水量water consumption0.6-1 t/h
重量Weight400 kg