NFASMR620 隧道式热风循环灭菌烘箱

产品详情Product Details

用途与简介/Purpose and description:本机为整体隧道式结构,分为预热区、高温灭菌区、冷却区三部分,采用热空气层流消毒原理对容器进行短时高温灭菌。适用于安瓿瓶、抗生素瓶、口服液瓶的烘干杀菌,也可用于其它药用玻璃瓶的烘干杀菌。该机采用先进的PLC人机界面控制系统,通过人机界面控制,除监控本机工作状况、保证生产工艺要求外。还能与清洗设备、灌封设备实行工作状况联控,显示故障原因、位置以及简单的排除方法等。并且还可以自动记录温度及曲线图。This machine is integral tunnel structure, divided into preheating zone, high temperature sterilizing zone, cooling zone, adopts hot air laminar flow sterilizing principle to short-term high temperature sterilization containers. Suitable for ampoule bottle drying sterilization, antibiotics, oral liquid, can also be used for other medicinal glass bottle drying sterilization. The machine adopts advanced PLC man-machine interface control system, through the man-machine interface control, in addition to monitoring the machine working condition, ensure the production process requirements. Also with cleaning equipment working conditions, filling and sealing equipment for spreading and show the cause of the problem, location, and simple method, etc. And it can automatically record and temperature characteristic curve.特点/characteristic◆设有防停电高温段自燃装置,无火灾隐患Mixer has the electricity heat period of spontaneous combustion device, no fire hazards◆加热、运行等工艺参数预先设定Heating mixer, such as running process parameters set beforehand◆参数状态显示,自动打印记录Parameter status display, automatic printed out◆循环风气流可以调节,保证箱内温度均匀Cycle can be adjusted by the blast, the evenness of temperature in the oven◆箱内及箱口均设有测温点In pieces with temperature measuring points and box in the mouth◆设有高效过滤器DOP检测口Mixer equipped with hepa filter DOP test◆整机均按GMP要求设计Mixer machine are designed to meet GMP standard根据客户的需要,还可供选配:According to the needs of customers, but also available for selection:◆西门子、施耐德、三菱、台达等品牌监控系统;In pieces such as Siemens, schneider, mitsubishi, Taiwan brand monitoring system;◆尘埃粒子在线检测、报警、记录、打印系统。Pieces of dust particle on-line detection and alarm, record and print system.
技术参数/technical parameters
产品型号product modelASMR620-35 (38)(风冷)ASMR620-43 (风冷)ASMR620-48 (风冷)ASMR800-55 (风冷)ASMR1250-6000(风冷)ASMR620-43 (水冷)ASMR620-48 (水冷)ASMR800-55 (水冷)
适用规格Cutting dimension(ml)1-20ml(安瓿瓶);       2-25ml(西林瓶 口服液瓶)
输送带有效宽度Effective width of the conveyor belt(mm)6206206208001250620620800
灭菌最高温度The highest temperature sterilization( ° C)350
出瓶口温度A bottle temperature(° C)< 40
用水量及温度Water and temperature/////进冷凝器水温:8℃冷却水
排风量exhaust air rate(m3)3000-41003500-41003500-41006600-82008500-9500300300300
冷却段灭菌Cooling period of sterilization不含不含不含不含不含不含
功率 power27.7kw(其中加热功率21.6kw)51kw(其中加热功率43kw)71kw(其中加热功率60kw)78kw(其中加热功率60kw)196kw(其中加热功率172kw)51kw(其中加热功率43kw)104kw(其中加热功率60kw;冷却段灭菌32.4kw)152kw(其中加热功率78kw,冷却段灭菌 46.8kw)
洁净度cleanliness达到国际3 (美国工业标准100)
外形尺寸(可根据客户要求产量变动)Overall dimensions (according to customer request production changes)(L × W × H)(mm)3550×1760 ×23434388×1465 ×24454738×1614 ×24455480×1950 ×22106200×2936 ×26704385×2050 ×23854887×1831 ×23436000×1870 ×2370
重量 Weight(kg)23003000350040006000350040004500