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特点/characteristic:◆本机是机、电、气一体化的设备。操作方便,维修简单,运行可靠,适用范围广。This machine is a machine, electricity, gas integration of equipment. Easy operation, easy maintenance, reliable operation, wide application scope.◆本机采用PLC控制系统,自动切断,准确投入。The machine adopts PLC control system, automatic cutting off and accurate◆本机装有无瓶、无干燥剂自动停机等保护装置。This machine is equipped with bottles, desiccant automatic stop device such as a protection◆全机采用SUS304不锈钢,零部件采用标准化设计,具有互换性,符合GMP环境要求。The whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel, using standardized design, parts are interchangeable, environment fully meet the requirements of GMP requirements.
技术参数/technic parameter:
适瓶范围Range of applicable bottles外径(external diameter)Φ 40-Φ 120
生产能力Output capacity40-70bottles/min
电源Power supply220V 50Hz
外形尺寸External dimensions1200*500*1550mm