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◆体积小巧,特别适合小装量,多品种包装。Small size, especially suitable for small quantity, many kinds of packaging.◆数粒准确度高,标准粒误差率低于万分之二,远优于国内同类设备(误差率千分之五)。Number of grain of high accuracy, standard error rate less than two over ten thousand, far better than the domestic similar equipment (five over one thousand).◆数粒速度快,单轨道每分钟可准确数500粒(标准粒)。Capsule counting speed, single rail top can accurate number 500 grain per minute (standard grain)◆彩色触摸屏,操作方便的人机交互界面。Color touch screen, easy to operate the human-computer interaction interface◆简便的生产参数设定系统,涵盖多种药品,操作员仅需调用即可。Simple production parameter setting system, covering a variety of drugs, and only call the operator.◆具有工作状态检测和故障报警功能。Have working condition detection and fault alarm function◆设有缺瓶、倒瓶和堵瓶检查电眼。A lack of bottle, pour bottles and bottles of check magic eye◆三级直流振动控制系统。Level 3 dc vibration control system◆三级振动保证药粒均匀分布,保证数粒准确。Level 3 vibration ensure medicine grain of uniform distribution, guarantee the accuracy of the number of grains.◆除尘免除粉尘对电眼的影响。The influence of dust from dust to magic eye◆具有碎片和叠片剔除功能。Has function of eliminating fragments and laminated◆设计有预数粒功能,可提高计数速度。Design has several function, can increase the speed of count◆大料门与小料门配合装瓶,提高了装瓶速度。Aniseed and small material door with bottles, raised the speed of the bottle.◆装瓶时料嘴会自动下降罩住瓶口,药粒不会跳出瓶口造成缺粒。Bottle feeding mouth when the cover will automatically drop bottle, medicine grain will not jump out of the bottle due to lack of grain◆料嘴振动裝置,避免大药粒装瓶堵塞。Mouth vibration device, to avoid big medicine grain of bottle plug.◆自动升降机构方便调节不同高度药瓶。Automatic lifting mechanism is convenient to adjust different heights◆与药品接触的部件均由316L和FDA核准之材料构成。Parts in contact with the drugs are made up of 316 l and the FDA approval of material◆不锈钢表面,采用无缝焊接,杜绝积尘。Stainless steel surface, adopts the seamless welding, eliminating dust◆整机符合GMP标准The machine meet GMP standards
技术参数/technical parameters:
适用对象suitable object A型:05#胶囊、软胶囊,ф5.512素片、异形片、糖衣片,ф312丸剂Type A: 0 ~ 5 # capsule, soft capsule, ф 5.5 ~ 12 tablet, special-shaped pieces, sugar pill, ф 3 ~ 12 pillsB型:005#胶囊、软胶囊,<ф22素片、异形片、糖衣片,<ф20丸剂TypeB: 00 ~ 5 # capsule, soft capsule, < ф 22 pieces, special-shaped pieces, it, < ф 20 pills
生产能力production capacity 1030/分钟10 ~ 30 bottle/min1040/分钟10 ~ 40 bottles/minute2040/分钟20 ~ 40 bottles/minute2080/分钟20 ~ 80 bottles/minute2090/分钟20 ~ 90 bottles/minute40120/分钟40 ~ 120 bottles per minute40150 /分钟40 ~ 150 bottles per minute
450013500/4500 ~ 13500 bottles/class450018000/4500 ~ 18000 bottles/class900018000/9000 ~ 18000 bottles/class900036000/9000 ~ 36000 bottles/class900040000/9000 ~ 40000 bottles/class1800054000/18000 ~ 54000 bottles/class1800067000/18000 ~ 67000 bottles/class
装量范围The load range29999/片可调2 ~ 9999 / plate is adjustable
电源和功率Power supply and power220V/50HZ0.6kw220V/50HZ0.7kw220V/50HZ0.8kw220V/50HZ1.2kw220V/50HZ1.5kw220V/50HZ2.2kw220V/50HZ2.5kw
外形尺寸 boundary dimension660*1280*780mm1200*1280*1560mm1400*1400*1560mm1600*1400*1560mm1800*1400*1680mm2200*1400*1680mm2200*1400*1680mm
重量weight 120kgs180kgs220kgs350kgs400kgs650kgs750kgs
270kgs410 kgs460kgs
备注remark 生产速度与药品品种、大小、药瓶规格、瓶装量有关The production speed and drug varieties, specifications, size, bottle bottles quantity