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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:本机为数片机第三代产品,震动头采用偏心筛动和超静音的柔性结构,能无级调节偏心筛动频率。主机采用变频电机驱动,柔性启动,调速范围大。本机采用设计独特的数片板,不仅能对片剂和丸剂进行自动记数必威Ios,而且还能对异型片和胶囊自动计数和装瓶。产品符合GMP规范要求,广泛适用于医药、食品、化工等行业。NFSL-60 is the third generation of the tablet-counting machine. Its vibrator operates as a hyper-mute eccentric sifter and the sifting frequency canbe adjusted continuously. The main engine, whichis driven by a frequency-converted motor, startssoftly and has a wide-range speed governor. The specially designed counting plate can accomplishautomatic counting and bottling for not only tabletsor pills, but also capsules or betero-shapecapsules. This product conforms to the specifications of GMPabsolutely. which is widely used inpharmaceutical, foods and chemical industries,特点/Characteristic:◆装量精确、操作方便。Man-machine dialogue system setting,visual convenient operation ,accurate filling level◆主机转速可进行无级变频调速。the mainframe running speed is stepless frequency conversion   ◆无瓶自动停机功能。 Automatic stop function, if there is no bottles.
技术参数/ techincal specification
药片规格Size of tablesΦ3mm-Φ12mm
胶囊规格Size of capsules#0-#4
软胶囊规格Size of soft capsules按客户样品定制Depend on your samples
异型片Helero-shape capsules面谈Face talk to talk
瓶子规格Size of bottles15-500ML
输入电源Power supplyAC220 50Hz