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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:本机是集国内外旋盖机之特点,取长补短,进行深层次开发完善的产品。本机是采用磨擦式旋盖形式,调节方便,旋盖速度可根据用户产量任意调节,比爪式旋盖机提高工作效率三倍。本机设计合理,结构紧凑,旋盖效率高,瓶盖不打滑破损,瓶体不拉毛,稳定可靠,使用寿命长,操作简单、维修方便。产品符合GMP规范要求。广泛适用于医药、食品、化工等行业。It is an improved product based on the advantages of different capping machines. Thanks to the application of frictional capping, the capping speed is allowed being set according with the requirement of users. And even, this frictional capping machine works three times more efficient than a claw capping machine.Because of the reasonable design, it takes advantage of its compact structure, efficient work, protection to the caps and bottles,convenience in operation or maintenance, and also its stability,reliability, durability. This product conforms to the specifications of GMP absolutely. which is widely used in pharmaceutical, foods and chemical industries。特点/Characteristic:◆本机操作直观方便。The machine is operated with direct view◆变频调速,生产速度可调,自动计数Governed by frequency conversion,the production speed can be randomly adjusted,automatic counting◆该机结构简单,性能稳定,维护保养方便。The features of this machine is simple structure, stable function and easy maintenance。
技术参数/Technical Parameters:
适用规格Bottle Range2-1000ml 
生产能力Productivity30-50/  60-100/30-50bottles/min   60-100bottles/min
旋(轧)盖率 Capping Rate99%
电源Power Supply220V/50Hz
功率Power1.2 kw
机器净重Weight400 kg