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特点/characteristic:◆采用灵活的模块组合设计新理念,适用于多种规律瓶和盖的旋合。Adopt agile module combination, new ideal design, suitable for a variety of bottle and cap screw◆无需要更换配件,只需要简单调节即可。No need to replace parts, you just need to simple adjustment◆操作简便,维护方便。Simple operation, easy maintenance◆旋盖分初旋、复旋,扭矩大小均可单独调节,保证旋紧,并带着离合装置而不回头过紧,损伤盖子。Size points early, after rotation, torque size can adjust alone, guarantee the tighten, and with the on-off device and not turn too tight, damage to the lid.◆两套夹瓶环带机构,使高瓶或站立不稳的瓶子也适应。Two sets of bottle clamp band, make high bottle of bottle or unstable also adapt.◆理盖机、输送机、搓盖机、夹瓶皮带,速度分别调节,更加适用。Cover machine, conveyor, rub cover machine, bottle belt, speed adjustment, respectively, more applicable◆选配:全自动上盖机及储盖料斗。Optional: fully automatic machine on the cover and store the hopper◆整机按GMP要求设计。The machine designed according to the requirements of GMP
技术参数/technic parameter:
适应瓶子规格To adapt to the bottle specifications20~¢150mm
适应盖子规格To adapt to the lid specifications12~¢70mm
搓盖合格Rub cover qualified98 
电源power supply220V 50HZ
要求压缩空气压力Requirements of compressed air pressureRequirements of compressed air pressure
功率power 2Kw
速度控制speed control变频调速variable speed
单机噪音Noise of single machine70dB
生产能力production capacity40-70/分(视具体的瓶盖而调整)40-70 bottles/min (depending on the specific cap adjustment)
机器尺寸Net dimensions2500×1100×1600(mm)