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用途与简介/Brief Introduction::本机有效输出功率大,输出电流随负载的变化而变化,无瓶时自动待机。特制感应板、漏磁小,冷却条件好,所以粘结时间短、牢度强、速度快、操作简便,封口性能稳定可靠。本机具有过流、过压、欠压、断水等自动保护功能,并具有连续计数、瓶盖无铝箔自动剔除,及无瓶时自动停机等功能。产品符合GMP规范要求,广泛适用于医药、食品、化工等行业。It has great effective output power, and its output current will change according to the load. A special induction plate is installed, which ensures lower leaking ratio of magnetism and better cooling condition, so that the machine is characterized by short sticking time, great fastness, high speed, easy operation and stable performance.Even if the mouth of the bottle is dampened, the machine still can accomplish its work perfectly. Besides, the machine is prevented from over current, under voltage, over voltage or lack of water. It will stop automatically when there is no bottle in the specified position. And it also has functions of continuous counting and automatic rejection to caps without aluminum foil. This product conforms to the specifications of GMP absolutely. which is widely used in pharmaceutical, foods and chemical industries.
技术参数/ technical specification:
适用瓶子规格Size of bottles15-2500ML(塑料瓶)(plastic bottles)
瓶子高度Height of bottles50-500mm
产量(根据瓶子尺寸及形状)Producing capacity(depend on the size&shape of bottles)30-120/分(bottles/min
电源Power supplyAC220V 50Hz(根据客户要求)(depend on the customer's requirements)
净尺寸Net dimensions1500mm*800mm*1340mm