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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:轧盖机适用于抗菌素模子瓶和管制瓶的封口之用,能自动完在进瓶、上盖、轧盖和出瓶等过程。该机采用先进可靠的无极变速电机,以及高精度凸轮分度间隙机构。封口采用三刀式轧盖,其结构紧凑,性能稳定,维修方便,是较为理想的封口设备。Rolling machine is suitable for the antimicrobial mold bottle and vials of sealing, can automatically finish on into the bottle, cap and rolling cover and out of the bottle. This machine adopts advanced reliable CVT machine, as well as high precision CAM indexing clearance agency. Rolling cover sealing adopts three pole type, its compact structure, stable performance, easy maintenance, is the ideal sealing equipment.
技术参数/technic parameter:
适用规格 Cutting dimension2-100ML
生产能力production capacity120bottles/min300bottles/min
成品率rate of finished products98%
功率power 0.6KW1KW
电源power supply380V 50Hz/220V 50Hz
外形尺寸boundary dimension1100*600*1400mm1400*800*1400mm