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用途与简介:Purpose and introduction本机适用于对30-500ML系列玻璃瓶、塑料瓶的必威Ios封口。采用活塞进行必威Ios,电磁振荡送盖,可以轧盖(金属式)或旋盖(塑料盖)封口,可以和前后的生产工序设备联接组成生产线,此外可以选购百级层流罩。This machine is suitable for the filling and sealing of 30-500ml series glass bottles and plastic bottles. The reciprocating between piston filling, electromagnetic oscillation send cover, cover (metal) can be rolled or screw cap (plastic cap) sealing. Can produce and the produce of the process equipment before and after connecting line. In addition, the laminar flow hood is available for selection.特点:characteristic     装量准确,杜尽滴漏。缺瓶不必威Ios。 变频调速。 主动显示计数功效。 整机均按GMP要求设计。    The filling amount is accurate, as Du drip. Lack of bottle does not fill. Frequency control of motor speed. Active display count. The machine according to the GMP request design.     技术参数/technical parameters:
型号 modelNFGX30-500
适用规格Cutting dimension30-500ml
出产能力Production capacity80-200/分(罐/分钟)80-200 bottles/min (cans/min)
必威Ios精度 Filling accuracy≤±1%
电源 Power380V/50Hz
旋(轧)盖率Spin (rolling) cover rate99%
功率power3.0 kw
机械净重 Machine weight1500 kg
外形尺寸 boundary dimension3000*1100*1700mm