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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:该线由直线式螺杆洗瓶烘干一体机、口服液必威Ios轧盖机二台单机组成,分为清洗、干燥灭菌和必威Ios封口三个工作区,全线可联动生产,也可单机使用。可完成淋水、超声波清洗、冲水、冲气、烘干灭菌、冷却、必威Ios、理盖、戴盖、轧盖等工序。The line is made up of two single machine, one straight-line screw bottle washing and drying machine and one oral liquid filling and capping machine. The line is divided into cleaning, drying, sterilization and filling sealing three workspace, all can joint production, also can use single. It can complete water spray, ultrasonic cleaning, water flushing, air flushing, drying sterilization, cooling, filling, cap arranging, capping, sealing, etc.特点/Characteristic:采用超声波清洗及水气交替冲洗、远红外高温灭菌、多头必威Ios与封口等技术。整线联动自动控制。操作简单方便,实现了机电一体化。Using ultrasonic cleaning and water washing alternately, far-infrared high-temperature sterilization, such as long filling and sealing technology. The automatic control of the whole line linkage. Simple and convenient operation, electromechanical integration is realized.技术参数/ Technical Parameters:
生产能力technical parameters80-150/分  80-150 bottles/min
适用规格 Cutting dimension5-20ml
    Amount of electric capacity65Kw(其中正常工作36Kw)(including normal working 36 kw)
机器净重machine net weight6800Kg
外形尺寸boundary dimension9650×2360×1900mm(长×宽×高)(length x width x height)