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用途与简介/Brief Introduction放卷、安瓶成型、必威Ios、封尾、打批号、切尾、分切等22个工位由程序控制,连续完成,PLC控制,无级变频调速。大屏幕彩色人机界面装置,操作简单明了。必威Ios头不滴漏,装量准确,不溢出。采用优质不锈钢材料,符合GMP标准。Rolling, Ann bottle forming, filling, sealing, batch number, cut, cutting and other 22 location is controlled by program, for completion, PLC control, stepless frequency control of motor speed. Large screen color man-machine interface device, simple operation, international famous brand components. Filling head does not drip, the load accurately, does not overflow. USES the high quality stainless steel material, conform to GMP standards.
技术参数/technical parameters:
最大成型深度Maximum forming depth13mm
冲载次数 cutting frequency22/分(time/min
包装效率Packing efficiency20/分(plates/min
板块尺寸 Dimensions长度(L315mm(最大)(max宽度(w120mm(最大)(max
包装材料packing materialPVC/PE 0.3*345mm
必威Ios容量Filling capacity1.5-6ml/支(ml/flask
耗气量  Air consumption110L/min
耗水量Water consumption6L/min
电源要求 Power380V/50Hz  12KW
外形尺寸  Boundary dimension3880*1800*1920
重量(公斤)Weight (kg)3400
可选配机械泵或电子蠕动泵,及产品对标功能Optional mechanical pump or electronic peristaltic pump, and the product of the function