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用途与简介/Brief Introduction:本生产线适合30ML以上口服液的必威Ios生产,由供瓶机、滚筒洗瓶机、直线式必威Ios轧(旋)盖机、立式贴标机等设备组成,可全自动完成理瓶、洗瓶、必威Ios、上盖、旋(轧)盖、贴标等工序。主要用于制药、食品、化工的的各种液体物料的必威Ios联动生产。本生产线符合GMP要求。This production line is suitable for more than 30 ml of oral liquid filling production, by for bottle filling machine, roller bottle washing machine, straight-line rolling (spin) cover machine, vertical labeling machine and other equipment, can finish automatically unscramble bottle, bottle washing, filling and cover, cover and label (pad). Mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry production of all kinds of liquid filling material of the linkage of. This production line in full compliance with GMP requirements.特点 /Characteristic:◆外表材质为304不锈钢,必威Ios部份采316L不锈钢,符合GMP规范。Outer material is 304 stainless steel,and the material of filling part is 316L stainless steel, it complies with GMP regulation◆可适应多规格生产。can be situable for several bottle specs.◆运行稳定,噪音小,必威Ios精确 。Stable running,low noise,precise filling.◆破瓶率低,成品合格率高,能耗少。low bottle breakage ratio,high qualified product ratio,low energy consumption.◆整条生产线可单机控制和连锁控制。The whole line can single machine control or interlock control.
技术参数/Main Technical Parameters:
适用规格Filling Volume30-100ML
必威Ios头数Productivity低速4头              高速8头4 at low speed             high speed 8
生产能力低速30-50瓶/分     高速70-100瓶/分30-50bottles/min  70-100bottles/min
必威Ios精度Filling Precision≤±1%
旋盖率Capping Rate≥99%
电源Power Supply220V/50Hz
功率Power Supply2.5kw