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用途与简介/ Brief Introduction:本生产线由全自动理瓶机、滚筒式洗瓶机、灭菌干燥机、眼药水必威Ios旋盖机、立式贴标机组成,可完成理瓶、水、气的清洗、烘干及臭氧消毒、必威Ios、加塞、旋盖、贴标等工序,主要用于眼药水及其他小剂量溶液的联线生产,也可单机独立使用。符合GMP要求。This production line consist of  Automatic Bottle Unscrambler,  Bottle Washing Machine, Tunnel Type Sterilization Drier, eyedrop filling machine, Vertical Labeling machine, can complete bottle sorting, water,and gas cleaning, drying and ozone disinfection, filling, plugging, capping, labeling, mainly used in eyedrops and other small doses of solution, also can be used single independently.  Meet the GMP requirement.特点/Characteristic:本机组设计结构合理,运行稳定、必威Ios精度高。符合GMP标准。    眼药水必威Ios旋盖机已是我公司的第三代产品,人机界面控制,蠕动泵必威Ios,由真空吸机械手代替气缸更好的打塞,保证了稳定性和合格率。采用恒扭矩旋盖,具有无瓶不必威Ios、无塞不上盖,无瓶无塞可自动停机的功能。   It with reasonable structure, higher precision in filling, reaching the advanced level in domestic same business. Meet with requirement of GMP standard completely.eyedrop filling capping machine is a third generation product, human-machine interface operation, filling by peristaltic pump, replace air cylinder with vacuum drived manipulator for plugging, aquire higherstability and percent of pass. Constant torquecap screwing. No bottle no filling, no plug no capping and automatically stop if cap and plug is under-supply.  技术参数/technical parameters:
适用规格/Bottle size10-20ml
生产能力/Capacity低:40-60/  中:70-120/40-60/  70-120 bottles/min
用水压力/ Hydraulic Pressure Mpa0.3Mpa
用水量 /water consumption0.5 m3/h
洁净压缩空气压力 /Clean compressed air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
洁净压缩空气用量/Clean compressed air consumption300 L/min
功率/Power5.5 kw